Coffee Maker Heater Element

About Us

Eichenauer, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eichenauer Heizelemente GmbH & Co. KG of Hatzenbühl Germany, commencing operations in 1951 at its current Newport, NH location. The entire Eichenauer group consists of 1,000 employees with operations in Asia, Europe, and the US. Eichenauer, Inc., has established itself as a premier manufacturer of heating elements in various markets, ranging from Small Appliance to Original Equipment Manufacturing applications. Currently the company employs approximately 100 employees at the 25,000 square foot facility at the Newport, New Hampshire location.

In Newport, we are focused on providing engineered solutions for our diverse customer base. We partner with our distribution channel to service aftermarket sales for our complete Immersion Heater offering. Eichenauer, Inc. continues to focus efforts providing direct sales to OEM’s, whether in Defense, Automotive, Medical, or Industrial applications. Eichenauer, Inc. is staffed to provide product support from concept to long-term manufacturing partnering.

Eichenauer’s Industrial Products Group offers our customers UL listed or recognized product build capabilities from one piece to 1,000’s. When volume requires mass production capability, we partner with our international colleagues to create product specific manufacturing lines. From raw material to final inspection Eichenauer delivers traceability and quality, unrivaled within the industry. With international ISO-9001 certification, we provide our customers complete confidence that every product built and shipped will perform as originally designed.

We continue to expand our capability and although we are proud of our history, we look forward to the future. Please join us in exploring how Eichenauer, Inc. can be a part of your next program.