Custom & Stock Heaters Available

Eichenauer manufactures Custom Engineered Flanged Immersion Heaters for OEM's and stock Flanged Immersion Heaters for replacement in existing applications.

We are a solutions provider for the Flanged Immersion Heater market. We custom design, build, and stock Flanged Heaters to your specifications. From concept to high volume production, Eichenauer is the one partner that takes the time to truly understand your applications and budget when engineering a complete solution.

Eichenauer Offers...

  • Custom Flanged Heater solutions tailored to the project
  • A large portfolio of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) offerings
  • Year over year high volume production experience
  • Long life solutions that ensure customer satisfaction
  • Quality engineered processes and systems

With over 90 years of experience, Eichenauer is the Flanged Heater expert you can count on.


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Eichenauer custom designs and build electric Flanged Immersion Heaters to your specifications.
Our Flanged Heaters can be engineered for the following applications:

steam generators

Steam Generators

Eichenauer manufactures flanged immersion heaters for low pressure steam generators which are necessary for numerous industrial process heating applications.



Eichenauer boiler heaters are typically used to heat water or generate steam for industrial applications such as batch process manufacturing.



Eichenauer manufactures Flanged Immersion Heaters for Industrial Sterilizers and Autoclaves.

industrial oven

Industrial Ovens

Eichenauer flanged heaters can be used in either commercial or industrial batch continuous ovens.



Eichenauer manufactures Flanged Immersion Heaters for autoclaves in medical, industrial and laboratory markets.

parts washers

Parts Washing

Eichenauer flanged immersion heaters are used to produce a high temperature pressurized liquid medium needed to sanitize and clean parts.