Flanged Heater Overview

image of flanged immersion heaters

Eichenauer Flanged Immersion Heaters are the most highly versatile process heaters available to design engineers for countless solutions. They are widely employed in industry to heat liquids and gases in tanks, plenums, or pressurized vessels. Our Flanged Immersion Heaters are built specifically for industrial applications, such as: Process Manufacturing Tanks, Boilers, Steam Generators, Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Parts Washers, Beer Brewing Tanks, Baking Ovens and more.

Eichenauer’s Flanged Immersion Heaters are powered by electricity, whether single or three phase, we have a solution. This means they are the ‘Green solution’ as they are environmentally friendly - there are no fuel emissions requiring carbon offsets or unpleasant residue. Our Elements are also energy efficient - the heater is immersed into the medium where energy is directly transferred, reducing heat loss. Eichenauer offers a simpler alternative compared to a complicated combustion heater.

The design of the Flanged Heater consists of several hairpin bent tubular elements extending from the face of the flange. Each tubular element contains a metallic sheath, an inner heating coil and compacted magnesium oxide as the electric insulation material. The bent tubular elements are joined securely into the flange and bolted to a mating flange integral to a tank or pressure vessel wall. The flange dimensions, thickness and material are determined by the application and are typically rectangular or round, or manufactured to your specific design.

Eichenauer’s heaters are available in 316Ti stainless steel, and INCOLOY and can be mounted to our standard 2.5", 3.0", 4.5" or 5.75" square flange or a 6" round flange in either carbon or stailness steel, or customized to your application. Corrosive liquids typically use stainless steel or INCOLOY to avoid any scaling and resist corrosion, extending the longevity of the heating element. Passivation is offered for these products - chemically passivated sheaths increase corrosion resistance and reduce the chance of a failure.

Eichenauer's Flanged Immersion Heaters are easy to install and require a minimum amount of maintentance.

We Build it for you

Eichenauer custom designs Flanged Immersion Heaters - You may have unique needs for your flanged immersion heater, our engineers will customize a solution to fit your needs. Engineering considerations depend on the application. Eichenauer offers flanged heaters in varying power ratings, voltages, temperature ranges, and materials.

We Stock it for you

Once designed and accepted, Eichenauer can stock flanged immersion heaters for you. Ask how we can reduce your inventory and provide heaters on time to meet your demands.

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